COVID-19 Action Plan – April 2020


Face Masks are Required to be Worn by Everyone Who is on a Hacienda Landscaping, Inc Work Site Until Further Notice -No Exceptions-


The main objective for Hacienda Landscaping, Inc at each job location is to maintain a safe, clean work environment for our employees, contractors, visitors, and communities. During this time, it is especially imperative for all who are on a worksite where Hacienda Landscaping, Inc has control and oversight, strictly adhere to the guidelines and procedures set forth below:

Work Site Supervision

  • A Hacienda Landscaping, Inc employee will always be present at the worksite during work hours.
  • Only the Site Superintendent will be the first person on-site and the last person to leave each day.
  • A sign will be posted stating the name and contact number of the Site Superintendent.
  • Only required personnel will be permitted on-site.
  • If a Site Superintendent feels a contracted worker may be ill, they will contact the Project Manager from Hacienda Landscaping, Inc. who will contact the contractor’s office to require the worker to leave the job site immediately. The contracted worker will only return to the job site with approval from their company and agreed to by the Site Superintendent. A doctor’s note will be required to return to work for any employee who is away from work due to an illness for a period of 3-days or more.

Work Site Precautions

Until the time social distancing guidelines are changed by the States of Illinois or the County in which work is taking place the following are to be strictly followed

  • Social distancing is to be practiced at a space of 6’ or greater.
  • Construction trailer (if on-site) will be limited to one person
  • Construction meetings, when possible will take place via video conferencing.
  • If an on-site meeting between owners and contractors is required to take place in person, it will be scheduled in such a way that only one trade is present at a time (a schedule will take place with time allocation and not a construction site group meeting) All at the meeting will be required to be at the acceptable social distance. 
  • As Personal Protective Equipment becomes available, gloves and masks will be available for anyone who would like to access it. If a town/village or the owner of a project requires these items be used, this directive will be followed.
  • The Site Superintendent is responsible to clean all work surfaces daily


Other Guidelines and Practice

  • Workers will stay home if they are not feeling well.
  • A minimum of two portable toilets will be provided at each work site and will be serviced weekly by the company providing the portable toilets. Toilets will be a minimum of 8’ apart.
  • One hand washing station will be available for every two portable toilets and placed at least 8’ from the portable toilets. Hands will be washed for at least 20 seconds.
  • Hand Sanitizer will be available on the job site
  • The guidelines establish by Center for Disease Control, Illinois Department of Public Health, the State of Illinois, this County, and the local municipality will be continually monitored and implemented.

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Covid-19 Action Plan